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Lolicon Market 0.3 Part Two Rev 8

Android Version:

(Updated soon)


(Made by FreedomPanstu)





(Updated 3-18-19)


MAIN Game page(NSFW)


updated link!

Game is still in development.

Lolicon Market is as of now a ''Text Based Dating Sim'' based on 90s Japanese dating sims and otaku culture. The main idea of Lolicon Market first started as a short lived novel created by LoliconMan, but once I discovered Twine I decided its format would be better suited to tell the story.

About The Game:

You play as Yourself in a world where ten years ago, your parents adopted a younger sister and left you alone to care for her while you were forgotten by the world. As the years went on, you discovered lolicon anime and it forever changed your view of the world (and later your sisters.)

    Fast forward nine years and your parents return again to ruin your life by forcing you to pay rent or they will kick you and your sister out of the house!  On your journey, you can meet over 10 dateable character and depending on what you say or how you treat them, changes will happen to not only them but the story as well.     

TL;DR Version:

>Over 10 dateable characters

>Don't be a dick.

>Care about everyone's 'existence'.

>In this world, being a pedophile is a DEATH SENTENCE! Don't do stupid shit in public.

>You can date and do perverted things.

>Almost everything you do will be remembered.

>Explore choices. the story will change.

Mechanics: Simple! All you have to do is READ each passage and make choices based on the options given.

Keep in mind that almost EVERYTHING You do is remembered by variables and can result in different ending. Most choices will result in BAD END (Game Over) so be sure to treat the game as if YOU are playing and you will be fine.

Secret Code Input:

This is reserved for people whom:

>Get a True Ending

>Find anomalies

>Find The Code(s) in game

>Worked with the creation of the Game

>Are Hackers



ALL EVENTS IN THIS GAME ARE WORKS OF FICTION! Please note this game is a Lolicon Game. In English, You are dating and trying to have sex with Little Girls. Now note that this is all __fictional__ and you are just stupid for thinking otherwise.

I am not responsible for any damages or problems this game causes for your weak little mind. You downloaded it.

If you are under The age of 18 DO NOT PLAY!


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Sooo..... is this still going on? 


new update coming soon

hey can you contact me, there's something i wanna talk to you about theflaredmagician@hotmail.com

In day 3, when I start work after the whole Namako thing, no matter if I choose “organize the book isle” or “try and operate the register”, all that shows up after that is “END OF 0.3 Part 2 rev 8” and I can’t do anything past this. It only gives the option “back”. Is this supposed to be here?

had the same problem

yes its the end of that update a new update will be posted soon

Which program did you use to create this.

Because you infuenced me to write a VN too.


I used Twine 1.4.2 with sugarcube. it's made for multiple path story games but with some html and javascript can make just about anything. I plan to make a barebone version of the engine someday with video guides to explain my madness.


I am at Wednesday in the market after catching the girl smoking. The options dont let me go wider. Before that some options did not let me go wider to (in the market).

Is the day under construction now or on update because i want to play more.


I'm excited for the next update, but your patreon was removed. Will you be continuing this? If so, is there another way to support you?


I'm still working on the game and plan to make a subscribestar. I'll update the links when I release the update in a couple days.


You're awesome. Thanks for keeping me and everyone else in the loop!


I love how this is still being updated, I am stuck on day 2 with Sukio, keep getting stuck in an end event loop no matter what route I take seems like the only way out is to abandon her there and I don't want to do that, perhaps I'll do a different path away from sukio day 2 although shes my favorite. Keep up the great work!

This is due to how the event is structured. she is basically interrupting you to state something. It'll make more sense once i update it.


Lolicon Market 0.3 Part Two Rev 8
-OverHauled Ui
-Added Second UI Bar for love meters
-Typo fixes
-Fixed MANY bugs
-Added second way to get Arisa to stay home(was hard to do it)
-Fixed Looping glitch in intro(where you can see suiko and redia twice)
-Fixed negative love meter glitch(still in progress but fixes known ways)
-Fixed notable events in day01
-Added Sinom Day03 Event
-Added New Content in Day03
-Removed some content for Irisu.(changing plans)
-Fixed display glitch for Nanako's love meter.
-Added New Meters in the UI
-Wishes Finally displays
-Added More content to Suiko's day03 event
-Other small things I forgot about because I forgot.

Plans for Next Update:
-Work on Lilith Day03 Event(had to rework)
-Work on Karen's Day03 Event(going to change the plot. while I like the smoking event MANY people seemed to dislike the idea.)
-Work on the SUiko Day03 'force smalltalk' event (forgot to work on it)

Dev Notes:

I am Pretty pissed off. I planned to have a lot more done. From December 5th until Jan 28th, I Moved to a new house and barely had any time to work on the game. I started to to get back on track but I'm having a problem with getting back into the flow of things. This isn't a issue and it seems to be just in my head, but I swear if I don't finish the Suiko event soon I'm gonna scream! I'm sorry if you guys feel like I'm not moving fast enough but It appears that I'm finally progressing the plot. Suiko's event has proven to be a real test. the event is a test of a what a 'date' event would be like. the issue is I feel like i'm stalling the plot. If you don't count the missing 'force smalltalk' event, I FINALLY got to PART 3 of her event. While I'm going to work on it, I need to progress the main plot. Sorry if i disappointed any of you.

Next Update will be in 1-2 weeks, which will have more content for the lo-mart event and the new typo reports/bugs.



This game is interesting 

I hope more update 

This game hit me


Game is still very active. sorry for the hiatus.


I just finished the game and had a lot of encounters. I'm just wondering if the game is still being developed? Or is it no longer being developed? It would suck to see such a good game and concept be lost to time and space.

No, the game is still be developed(working on it right now.) I'm trying for a release before the 20th. I am active on my discord so feel free on hmu there for questions and concerns. I don't plan to stop working on the game for it's a passion project; I've just moved so took a while to set back up.

next update to be out in 2-3 days

(1 edit)

>Fixed formatting

>fixed tons of typos with help of @pufi

>new boot menu and logo by @CowBoyKermy

>stability fixes

>Improved and more professional looking.

No new story updates due to losing progress due to Atom breaking all the progress, which will be easy to redo. Keep Tabs as I will be updating more often.

I missed some small formatting that will be fixed next build.


Updated Game. will do rolling releases bi-weekly now.


Sorry about the wait; it's been a hell of a year. i am making a effort now to be more active.

Is the next update nearby?

join the discord if you wanna stay updated

Just wondering, is the next update close. If you can, could you give me like, an estimate of when it'll come.


So uh I found this code but no matter how I enter it it’s telling me the code is invalid. Do I have to somehow be fast enough to copy and paste the text as-is, did you delete the code, what’s going on man? 

Deleted 262 days ago

Seems to do something if you fix the grammar (replace the last a with an e)

I’m very sorry to ask, could you please show me what you mean? I’m not quite understanding it myself.


Dude what the hell release the next version already, otherwise if the game is dead just let us know already..-.-


Hey man, calm down. Everyone has their own life. Maybe he's just held up with his. Just be patient.

Who's Irisu?

(1 edit)

You probably know by now, but ATF is currently down. Returning Connection Refused error status messages.
They're trying to find a new server.

What's does that mean for the game?


Basically that this is the only place that will see updates for the foreseeable future.

ATF was just where i post updates, but i care about atf . they are alright and admin of atf will have a new server soon. all data was backed up)

That's cool. I just checked the progress log and they have a potential server now. They just have to wait for them to set up all the shiny bits but because it's a custom server, it's going to take a while. Admins estimate about one more week, give or take.

This probably isn't the place to ask, but has anyone heard anything on ATF?  Or, can someone point me in the direction to stay informed?

When's the next update?

sorry for the lat reply, I'm kinda at the 'when it's done' part.

Ok. I look forward to it 😁😁

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey, just a thought, do you think you could maybe add images or visuals to the game in your next update? (Also more sexy stuff?) Just asking cuz it's a bit tiring to be restricted to seeing this amazing game in my head. Just a suggestion, keep up the awesome work. (Also when's the next update? 😅) One more thing, sorry, but will there be a cell phone mechanic, because we got Lilith's number, or was that just an extra little detail you threw in? Thanks!


>Im in the process of hiring a artist/mangaka to do art(but will cost money[About 2250.00] but also plan to start drawing again myself.)

>There are two 'lewd' scenes planned for next release

>The cell phone will be a mechanic and you will see Lilith again soon

>I am still working on the next update(currently adding a secret character, Suiko's event on day03 and about to add more to the LO-Mart Plot.


Awesome! I wish you the best of luck in all of your work. 😊👍✌😁

(1 edit)

Hey. i would like to help you to create the game. i don't want any spoilers but as a writer i want to help in any way i can.

sure thing, hit me up on discord!

Sure. What is your discord?


Sorry, but wdym by "Alt Story"? Or is that something I eventually find out in the game?

the code requires you yo have done The alt story the code will allow Irisu into the main story, but that's spoiler related. I need to add more to that route.

For the code on the title screen, how do I know if the "random event" triggered?


new update is expected for release. in the process of finishing typo fixes and it's on its way for bug testing


Yay! Can't wait to see it. I'm positive you put a ton of work into it. :D

can't wait? fine you get this one.


Good enough for me. XD


Hey, man, are you okay? This game seems to have been on hiatus a lot..... that and I haven't heard from you in a long time. Hope I an get ahold of you on here. What's going on man?


game is still being worked on,  it's been a rough past month , i am planning for a update in 4-10 days.  thanks for showing concern.

I love this but I have 2 questions:

1.) When are you going to update again?

2.) Where are the fricking codes!?

(1 edit)

1. Yes, working to do a update on 4-1-19 (or around that time) plan to update more often.

2. don't worry about the codes but there is 2 in game you can find and others used for bug testing. I plan to update most of the cheats in a silent update soon.


Oh, ok. Thanks. And again; I love this game.

>.> i cant find no code 

there is 2 codes in the game(one is a random event triggered on the title screen. other is variable based. i wouldn't worry about the codes for now.

(1 edit)

Working on a update on April 1st(No joke intended)

Day03 will be released in 3 parts to allow more releases and to speed up content. Game is still and WILL be worked on. so dont worry if the project is ever gonna be abandoned. It won't.


Can't wait for update~


I just really like the writing in this for some reason, and I want more.


While the non-garbage part of me wants to say this is despicable, garbage me thinks this is pretty good.

Would love to see more, looking forward to it.


I have to say, I know this game is new, but it has amazing potential and I absolutely love it! Strange how I found it- literally googled "loli sex games".  Now, I do have one small complaint, more of a personal preference: the writing is sometimes off, for example (NOT text of the game) : "rounding the corner, carrying the girl" rather than "as you round the corner, carrying the girl". But again, this is just preference to stuff. I just absolutely love the idea! It's cute, it's unique, it's very well thought out... and most importantly, it's got multiple paths to choose from- it doesn't just feel like reading a book, or picking chocolate or vanilla cake- it's still cake. That's your only choice. This actually has options with consequence.

Now, I would love to get to the naughty stuff soon, of course~ wouldn't we all? ;) but I'm more than willing to wait and watch this masterpiece unfold! And Mr. LoliconMan, sir, if you need beta testers or help or anything, I'd be more than happy to!!!

Glad you enjoyed it. if you would like to help, feel free to hit me up on discord or email me at The_Loliconman@hotmail.com.

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